Pay Invoices Online With Cexchanger


Pay your invoices with Cexchanger

Here at Cexchanger we know how difficult is to pay your monthly invoices online from Pakistan. Now you don’t have to worry about your onetime or monthly invoices. Cexchanger has started invoice payment service in Pakistan. Now you can pay your online invoices without having Payza, Skrill, and Paypal account in Pakistan.

Online Payment Processor

Being a online business we know what is the importance of an online payment processor.  Online payment processor means a company  that help internet based businesses to collect payments from there customers. For that particular situation both need to have there accounts of an online payment processor to perform the transaction. As you know we are living in a underdevelopment country and our banking system is not advanced like other countries. That’s why the top online payment processor do not allow Pakistani peoples to open accounts. Like Paypal. Paypal is the top online payment processor in world. Unfortunately Paypal doesn’t support Pakistani signups. Paypal is most popular payment processor on the internet. Paypal is taking 84.9% market share of online payment industry.  Look at the statistics bellow you know how big Paypal is.


In other words we can say we are losing great opportunities online. For example eBay and Amazon are very big online stores. And both are using Paypal as there main payment processor. If you want to buy something from eBay or Amazon you have to send payment using Paypal. OK let come to the point.

How you can send payments online:

If you want send payments online and you are not able to do it. Then Cexchanger is here to help you. Sending payments online through our service is very easy and simple. All you have to do is just follow the steps bellow.

Available Payment Gateways To Pay Invoices

  1. Paypal
  2. Skrill
  3. Payza
  4. Solid Trust Pay

Step 1:

Please first you have to create an account on Cexchanger click here to register your self on cexchanger. If  you already have an account then click here to login.

Step 2:

Logged in! look at top left of the menu bar click on services then click order new services .


Step 3:

Select send payment from product category.


Step 4:

Now you have to decide what you want do? if you want pay onetime invoice then select Pay With Paypal ( Onetime ) 


And if you want to pay recurring ( every month ) invoice then select Pay With Paypal ( Recurring ) 


Step 5: 

Configure your order ! enter the amount of the invoice >>  enter required information >> and continue.


Step 6:

Select payment method >> Read and agree Terms of Services >> Click on Checkout.


Now you will be redirected to new invoice transfer the invoice amount using selected payment method and contact us.

Cexchanger is a company that provides e-Currency exchange services to its clients. We are a top rated e-Currency exchange company Pakistan.We are offering Perfact money, Webmoney, STP, Payza and Paypal exchange services and adding more payment processors.our exchange rates are best and very affordable for everyone.

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